What is fluid intelligence?

Old IQ tests used to have maths and language questions. These are still used to assess for example verbal skills.

These tests measured what is called crystallized intelligence which involves recalling stored knowledge and skills that have become ‘crystallized’ with experience.

Many studies show that these are not as valid as a measure for IQ because different levels of education effect results.

This is why instead, tests that measure fluid intelligence are used. These asses comprehension, reasoning and problem solving; the ability to manipulate different types of new information. 

These are mainly matrix IQ tests which are non-verbal multiple-choice tests. In each test question, we are asked to identify the missing element that completes a pattern of shapes. The patterns are presented in the form of a 3×3 matrix.

To solve it, we must find the underlying rules that explain the progression of shapes.

Because of the simplicity of their use and their independence of language and reading and writing skills, matrix tests are the perfect measure of intelligence for adults and children, for job applicants as a psychometric test, as admission tests for school and universities, and of course for Mensa.

Your score on an official matrix IQ test will give you a ‘culture fair’ measure of your IQ level.

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