Do you get anxious often?

Studies suggest that anxiety may have evolved in people along with intelligence. 
Among people diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), high IQ scores are associated with high levels of worry.
If GAD: High IQ ->high anxiety
Gifted children are prone to disharmonious development, which may result in the development of anxiety disorders.
Interestingly, the opposite happens in healthy subjects (not diagnosed with anxiety disorder), a low degree of worry correlates positively with intelligence.
If no GAD: Low IQ -> high anxiety
Individuals exhibiting low intelligence are unable to make responses that lead to success, which in turn results in the development of anxiety.
If you tend to worry too much.. thinking about all the different outcomes and possibilities of a given situation, well that’s useful in chess or in problem-solving but it might make you pre—- occupied, worrying about what may never happen.
Learning to take it easy is the hardest lesson!

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